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Angela White

Angela White is a highly successful Australian porn star who produces her own line of movies. She graduated from the University of Melbourne with first-class honors in gender studies. Her honors thesis was female experiences in the Australian pornography industry, which was later published in The Routledge Companion to Media, Sex and Sexuality. In this interview she speaks candidly about her intellectual pursuits in the name of sexuality, how she finally felt accepted for who she was in the adult industry, and why she believes that a polyamorous lifestyle suits her best. 


Christopher Ryan

Christopher Ryan is an author with a PHD in psychology. He wrote the best selling book, Sex at Dawn, a psychological and anthropological study on why monogamy just might not be natural to human beings. In this episode, he and Holly discuss the history of human sexuality and how it varies in cultures around the world. They also talk about the science behind why gangbang porn is so popular, and why some women have rape fantasies. If are interested in the psychology behind human sexual behavior, you do not want to miss this absolutely fascinating podcast! 


Holly’s Parents: Suze Randall and Humphry Knipe

In the very first episode Holly interviews her parents: world-famous erotic photographer Suze Randall and her business partner (and husband) Humphry Knipe. They discuss their lives as ground-breaking pornographers during the 70s through the 90s, including Suze’s time as the first female staff photographer at Playboy, working at Hustler during the time Larry Flynt was shot and paralyzed, and her subsequent freelance career and the early days of the internet. This is a journey through the most tumultuous times in the adult business, you don’t want to miss this one!