Julia Ann discusses mob mentality on social media

Julia Ann is one of the most beloved classic porn stars of all time, and she is still just as stunning as she was 30 years ago when she started as part of the famous stripping duo with Janine Lindemulder called "Blondage". Since then Julia has had contracts with the biggest studios in porn, but she claims she is happiest now, working freelance. In this episode she talks about the drama of her contract star days, her passion for animal rescue, and her issue with the sometimes misguided mob of social justice on the internet. In a world where social media provides a platform for the adult industry to devour it's own in the blink of an eye, Julia has long been the voice of reason, cautioning against joining the social justice mob without consideration for the entire story. An articulate, level-headed, and often funny woman of experience, Julia has a lot of important things to say, and we believe that you should definitely listen!

Holly KnipeComment