Holly’s New film Sexual Fidelity Hits the Shelves!

Casey Calvert, star of Sexual Fidelity

Casey Calvert, star of Sexual Fidelity

Wicked’s new movie “Sexual Fidelity” written, directed and produced by the ridiculously talented Holly Randall ( what CAN’T she do you say?) hit the literal and cyber-shelves Wednesday, just in time for the 4th of July weekend, and what doesn’t say America like a glamorously shot, well-written porn about female empowerment? Don’t worry boys, it’s still dripping with hot-cumshots and blowjobs. 

If you haven’t already gotten your hands on this bad boy or should we say this bad independent bitch, let me give you a little teaser to excite your sexual palette. 

The best writing is said to come from experience, and this last film definitely draws some major parallels to Holly’s real life, specifically the world of podcasting (which BTW, if you haven’t listened to every episode of Holly Randall Unfiltered yet, the industry’s BEST podcast for getting the true lives of porn stars and related topics on sex and sexuality, why are you even still reading this sentence and not downloading them? Do yourself that favor, and thank me later). 

In Sexual Fidelity, the main character, Bridget ( Casey Calvert), is a podcaster recently separated from her husband and former cohost of the hit podcast, Sex talk with Greg and Bridget, but is struggling to find her place in the industry after letting her career be deeply controlled by Greg. We follow her on her journey to true independence, orgasming along the way with a great cast of talent. 

The beautiful and busty Kenzie Taylor shares the screen with Australian-heartthrob Stirling Cooper in a fun cameo to kick off the movie. 

In a behind the scenes snap on Holly’s personal snapchat, Kenzie refers to Stirling’s dick as a “school bus” which I can personally vouch for (not like that, get your mind out of the gutter, you think this is porn or something?) since I had to go buy bigger condoms when ours weren’t large enough to harness that thick beast of a cock!  

Brad Armstrong (Greg)  gives a strong and solid (see what I did there? Oh porno-puns) performance and Casey Calvert is a sultry and delicious cinematic treat to experience. Seth Gamble, winner of various acting awards from Xbiz and AVN, plays Dr. Firestone, exciting us with poignant sexual knowledge and hot scenes with petite porn angel Harmony Wonder, as well as a fantastic build up of sexual tension with Casey.

The always banging, tatted-goddess Jessie Lee plays an adorably positive podcast-sidekick-sound-engineer and gets more than just her Chakras realigned by the hard-to-watch-cause-he’s-so-gorgeous Jay Smooth in a scene that’s gonna make you want to downward-dog immediately and or at least sign up for some yoga STAT. 

Back to the woman who does it all, Holly even makes an appearance in this film! I’m going to keep this cameo slightly mysterious just because we love to tease over here at HRP. You’re just going to have to watch this gem of a film to see how that pans out. 

All in all this film harbours a great message of sexual fluidity within gender roles, and teaches us a lot about independence, change and staying true to yourself even in the face of fear, all the while making us cum. What more could you want from a porno?

And if that’s not enough, Holly’s got another Wicked film set for production to keep on your porn-radar. Set in a publishing house, this new feature follows nerdy introvert Evelyn who finds her voice secretly writing romance novels under the pseudonym Maxine Powers, also using this persona as a real-life alter ego to draw out her wild side. 

I’m super excited to get the behind the scenes content going for that one for you all! 

Stay tuned! Until next time. <3 

-Not a Pornstar aka Eva (follow me on Twitter at @notapornstar1)

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